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April 2011

MP visits St Austell’s Teddington Group

Cornish MP Steve Gilbert visited St Austell based the Teddington Group yesterday as the company prepares to begin production of it’s new award winning CombiSave. Mr Gilbert met with Teddingtons MD Phil Henderson and Terry Wyatt MD of the Daniels Lane site.

Designed and produced in St Austell, CombiSave is an energy saving device that  speeds up hot water for households with combination boilers and reduces wait time for the water to run hot. CombiSave thus reduces gas bills, conserves significant quantities of water per household and contributes to carbon reduction. It also won the prestigious “most consumer benefit” award at the recent Energy Innovation Awards.

MD James Henderson said:

“We were delighted to welcome Steve to our St Austell factory yesterday. I was greatly encouraged by his helpfulness and his comments regarding CombiSave and the promise of his ongoing support.”

Steve Gilbert MP said:

“Teddingtons is a family business that has operated at the heart of St Austell’s local economy throughout the 20th Century. I was excited to see and hear about the useful products that are being developed to ensure that this key local employer continues to play a vital role throughout the 21st Century and I will do what I can as the MP to help this local business grow.”


Editors notes.

  1. For information on the Teddington Group  –
  2. Winner of the “most consumer benefit” award at The Energy Innovation Awards

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It has been so good talking to all the various groups from Belfast to Bolsover (and every inch between..) about the frozen condensate issue. We have met some lovely people along the way, many of whom are determined to do their bit to make sure the boilers of Britain keep working. It is clear though, there is still major concern on the lack of a coordinated and strategic effort to resolve the problem.

This concern has been made very vocal by the Public Sector Housing groups as they come to terms with footing the bill in dealing with the last cold snap. Many of the groups have spent tens of thousand of pounds ensuring their tenants remain warm.

Nationally, the bill  is likely to run into the millions and put massive pressure on already very tight budgets.

We have been really encouraged by the positive feedback on FrostSentry™ as we’ve been on the road and that people see it as a long-term low-cost solution to resolving the condensate issue once and for all.